One Shoulder Sling Backpack

You can take your carrying experience to the next level with the One Shoulder Sling Backpack, which is a wonderful combination of fashion, adaptability, and functionality. Permit this backpack to serve as your reliable friend while you negotiate the ever-changing terrain of your everyday life.

It will gracefully adjust to accommodate your motions and fulfill your requirements. Rather than being merely a bag, it is a statement item that expresses the contemporary and dynamic lifestyle that you lead. Redefining the way you approach everyday carry is as simple as selecting the One Shoulder Sling Backpack. This backpack is a necessity for persons who are looking for both style and utility in their travels when they are on the move.



One Shoulder Sling Backpack Introduction:

We are pleased to introduce the One Shoulder Sling Backpack, a new combination of fashion and practicality that was created for individuals who are looking for a hands-free and dynamic way to carrying their everyday belongings. This is not only a messenger bag; rather, it is a declaration of contemporary style and adaptability.

The One Shoulder Sling Backpack is more than just a backpack, it is a friend that can easily adjust to your busy lifestyle. It is crafted with precision and is designed for individuals who are always on the move. Allow this sling bag to revolutionize your carry experience by giving a blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you are visiting the city, going on a day vacation, or navigating through busy locations, this backpack will help you carry your belongings with ease.

The One Shoulder Sling Backpack stands out due to its unique design, which is built to meet the requirements of those who place a high emphasis on agility and flexibility of movement. A sleek and ergonomic design that fits to your body, assuring a comfortable and secure fit, is offered by this product, which is crafted from high-quality materials. The form of the bag, which consists of a single shoulder strap, makes it possible to quickly and easily reach your possessions. Additionally, the small size preserves a minimalist appearance without compromising on utility.

One Shoulder Sling Backpack Specification:

Item Name casual backpack
Brand HEANOO Or custom by clients
Material Polyester Or Custom ( Others :Nylon, cotton,canvas,non woven, felt,lint….
Size Custom
Color Gray or custom
Usage Outdoor, travel, shopping, laptops, business backpacks, etc.
Age group Adult or custom
Pattern/Logo Printing,Embroidery,Thermal Transfer,Sublimation,Digital Printing Or Customized
Color Fastness Customized
Sample Available
MOQ 500PCS / customized logo  ;   50 PCS / Existing logo
Trade Terms FOB ;CFR ;CIF ; Door to Door
Port Xiamen (Closest)  ; Ningbo; Guangzhou ; Shenzhen ; Shanghai
Packing PE, OPP/PVC , carton, Customized
Delivery time Custom order: 30-45 days based on real quantity    ;  Wholesale order in stock: 3-15 days
Service OEM, ODM Or Customized

Black Computer Backpack Features:

One of the most notable characteristics of the backpack is its versatility. As a result of its ability to smoothly shift from activities that are more informal to those that are more vigorous, it is a great companion for urban exploration, activities that take place outside, or everyday commutes. One Shoulder Sling Backpack is designed to meet the practical requirements of persons who are always on the move. This is accomplished via the incorporation of different compartments and organizing features.

  • Design That Is Both Dynamic and Ergonomic: The One Shoulder Sling Backpack has a design that is both dynamic and ergonomic, making it a comfortable and secure fit for people who are always on the move.
  • Quick Access: This backpack is an effective alternative for individuals who place a high value on convenience since it has a single shoulder strap that enables you to quickly and easily reach your items.
  • Tiny Size: The backpack’s tiny size helps to preserve a minimalist look while giving adequate room for your needs. It is a solution that is both fashionable and practical.
  • Versatile Application: The One Shoulder Sling Backpack is a versatile accessory that allows you to effortlessly move from casual trips to more active interests. It is ideal for urban exploration, outdoor activities, and everyday commuting.
  • Many Compartments: The presence of many compartments and organizational features guarantees that you will be able to carry your necessities in a manner that is both well-organized and effective.
  • Stylish and Contemporary: The One Shoulder Sling Backpack is a fashionable item that can be worn for any event because of its sleek and contemporary design. It adds a touch of current flair to your carry, making it quite versatile.

Black Computer Backpack Applications:

The One Shoulder Sling Backpack is an excellent choice for a wide range of situations and environments, including the following:

  1. The urban exploration experience allows you to effortlessly navigate the streets of the city while enjoying the comfort of a backpack that can be worn on a single shoulder and enables rapid access to your needs.
  2. For activities that take place outside, such as going on hikes, riding bicycles, or attending outdoor festivals, this backpack is a versatile companion that can adjust to your motions and allows you to keep your hands free.
  3. The One Shoulder Sling Backpack is a beautiful and functional alternative for transporting your everyday things, and it may help you streamline your daily commute by providing you with both a stylish and useful answer.
  4. When it comes to travel, this bag is a trendy and small travel companion that matches your lifestyle of being constantly on the move. It is perfect for day trips and short excursions.


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